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Switchboards and Safety Switches

Years before the circuit breaker was invented homes, factories and other buildings consisted of fuse boards. These boards were effective a protecting wiring systems from over current situations. However the disadvantages of the fuse is the possible exposure to arcing within the fuse base due to the oxidation that forms between the contacts, this arcing can result in fires or the possibility of arc flash's and burns.

Newer modern designed switchboards consist of a combination of miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices. Miniature circuit breakers carry out a role similar to the standard fuse by opening a circuit automatically on a predetermined over current without damage to itself. Additional advantages include the user not being exposed to possible arc flash's and burns, the circuit breaker is designed to be opened and closed with nonautomatic means and can also be locked open while an electrician carries out work on the installation.

Safety Switches (Residual Current Devices) are an electrical device that continuously monitors the active and neutral cables of the wiring system it's protecting for any potential difference. If a potential difference is found it will open the circuit immediately. Safety Switche's are designed to disconnect the wiring system fast enough to prevent serious harm from an electric shock. RCD's depend on the wiring system having a sufficient earthing system in place, if you are unsure of your electrical wiring it would be best to consult a licenced electrician.

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