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Thinking of installing a new split system air conditioner?

If you're planning on having a split system air conditioner installed, ensure you deal with a licenced technician. They will ensure your room is sized up correctly and will factor in heat load calculations to decide on the correct size and location of your new split system. This will save you expesive running costs and the possibility of purchasing a unit not adequate for your home. You may find a great deal on a new split system within a retail store but the salesmen at the counter may not be qualified to give you the correct advice for your home.

Wadds Indsutries Group Pty Ltd can help you make an informed choice with a team of licenced refrigeration technicians, A class electricians and Air Conditioning plumbers we can ensure your installations and services are carried out by professionals.

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Our services include but not limited to:

Air Conditioning - house rewiring - switchboard upgrades - safety switches - RCDs - shop lighting - factory lighting - school lighting - split systems - fault finding - hot water service replacements - oven replacements - power points - hot water service repairs - oven changeovers - cooktop changeovers - hot water systems - lighting - downlights - fluorescent - IXL tastics - downlights - sensor lights - security lighting - smoke alarms - exhaust fans - sweep fans - ceiling fans - smoke alarms - renovations - new developments - thermal imaging - thermography - nobo heating - heater panel installation - office wiring - restaurant lighting

24 Hour emergency response

WADDS Industries Group Pty Ltd will respond to your emergencies 24 hours a day.

Ask us about becoming an Nsure member, we offer around the clock preventative & reactive services.